Become a BlackHat

Why BlackHat?
The Blackhat programme, led by industry and supported by CHASNZ, is designed to raise the standard of supervisor health and safety leadership across New Zealand. We know that great frontline leaders result in safer and better work for all on site.

What is BlackHat?
BlackHat is a professional development programme for frontline leaders in construction that is focused on essential skills such as leadership, communication, planning, listening, influencing and technical health and safety topics relevant to physical safety work such as health and safety risk controls.  The programme provides a ‘community of practice’ approach that delivers professional recognition, learning and development opportunities, and connections to peers across the industry.

A BlackHat is a person working in the construction industry who is in a frontline leadership position (for example a leading hand, supervisor, team leader etc.) and is registered with the BlackHat programme.

How do you join the BlackHat community?
Sign up using the orange 'Create a BlackHat Account' button – and we will be in contact. If you’re looking to move into a frontline leadership role, you are welcome to sign up with us and we can take you through the steps you need to take to prepare to become a BlackHat.

How to become recognised as a BlackHat
To become a recognised BlackHat, you will need to:

  • Be working in the NZ construction industry and in a frontline leadership role
  • Successfully complete ConstructSafe Foundation Health & Safety Assessment
  • Complete LeadSafe Supervisor training
  • Successfully complete the ConstructSafe Supervisor health & safety knowledge assessment

All BlackHats may wear a black hard hat, clearly identifying them as the persons responsible for safety on-site.