Become a BlackHat

A BlackHat supervisor will be “representative of those who in their front-line supervisor roles have achieved industry benchmarks in how they control their workplace activity in a healthy and safe way. This includes achievements in training and assessment.” Aiming to cover supervision of the entire construction sector – residential, commercial and civil construction – it’s estimated that there are 20,000-30,000 front-line supervisors in New Zealand who could and, hope the safety organisations, will become BlackHats.

To become a BlackHat, construction site supervisors will need to:

  • Complete LeadSafe Supervisor or SiteSafe Supervisor “soft skills” training (two days, delivered by Impac, LeadSafe and SiteSafe).
  • Successfully complete the ConstructSafe Supervisor health & safety knowledge assessment.
  • Have regular on-site ConstructSafe assessments completed by their manager through the ConstructSafe app.
  • Attend a half day BlackHat CPD event at least once every two years.

Other optional special events will be held throughout the year in order to provide BlackHats with the opportunity to gain specialist BlackHat credentials like a BlackHat Platinum credential for those who gain the New Zealand Certificate in Construction Related Trades (Supervisor Level 3).

All BlackHats may wear a black hard hat, clearly identifying them as the persons responsible for safety on-site.